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Inspired by her love of great food and Jamaica, Dr. Linda decided to open a restaurant. It just happened to have a hotel attached... but never mind that! After recruiting some of the best chefs and cooks in Jamaica, the Cracked Conch was born. 

Chef Ryan Johnson was recruited in May 2017. His passion for food and his fine dining skills have enhanced the farm to table concept. This restaurant is rooted in community. Seafood is from local waters. Chicken is free range, raised locally and delivered fresh. The only frozen items bought are shrimp, ice cream and wings. Breads come from our local bakery or are made on site. Breadfruit is roasted here. There is a small herb garden cared for by the inestimable gardener. Coconut dishes use fresh coconut milk from local, native coconuts which are grated and hand squeezed. 
The mantra here is 
Fresh! Fresh! Fresh!



Citrus Marinated Shrimp Canapé   $850 JMD

A trio of Juicy jumbo shrimp seasoned with a citrus sauce on a delectable crunchy flat bread


Wings your Way    $700 JMD

Choose either; Buffalo, Guava Jerk, Honey Garlic.

Ask for them hot or mild.


Bruschetta $650

The classic tomato, basil, parmesan cheese spread but with a Jamaican flare,

 served on coco bread.


Callaloo Bundles $600 JMD

Callaloo cooked to perfection, wrapped in pastry then deep fried,

served with homemade marina sauce.

Conch Fritters  $600 JMD

Local or imported Conch in a seasoned batter fried to golden brown served with a Caribbean dip and toasted to perfection.


Green Bean Sticks (Dr. Linda’s favorite)    $450 JMD

A delicious fresh vegetable tempura battered and fried, then served with a Coconut Ackee dipping sauce.




Coconut Cream of pumpkin soup $2.50 / 6.50 USD

Local coconut, grated and drained like your Jamaican granny did,

then used to enrich the local vegetable stock pumpkin soup.

Seafood Chowder  $2.50/ 6.50 USD

A traditional chowder made Jamaican with whelks, conch and corn.



Traditional Caesar  $930 JMD

Crisp Romaine leaves topped with Parmesan cheese, cocoa bread croutons, and a homemade dressing served with garlic toast.

Fresh Garden Side Salad $675 JMD

A delicious vegetable dish of locally grown Lettuce, Arugula, Kale, Carrot, Cucumber and scallion.
Served with choice of dressing. Island Mango, Pineapple vinaigrette or Balsamic vinaigrette.

Add fish / chicken -Add $558JMD • Add Lobster - Market price






Luna Sea Burger    $1300 JMD

Hand ground beef with cheese, lettuce, tomato served with our signature fries. Try it on coco bread


Fish and Chips   $1200 JMD

Local Fish fillet battered and fried served with remoulade sauce (substitute tartar sauce or malt vinegar if you choose) and our delicious homemade French fries.


Jerk Chicken Caesar Wrap $1200JMD

A delicious jerk chicken breast served in a wrap with romaine lettuce and avocado cream.

Accompanied by our signature fries.


Jerk Chicken Quesadilla  $987 JMD

Delectable Island Jerk seasoned chicken with bell pepper and onion then topped with shredded cheese. Accompanied by fresh tomato salsa, guacamole and sour cream.

 Also available  with vegetable or fish.


Bad Dawg Hot Dog $ 987 JMD

A delicious reggae sausage with sautéed onions and peppers on a coco bread or bun with fries


Classic Chicken Tenders $895 JMD

Served with your choice of sauces and fresh homemade French fries


Hot Dog $887 JMD

Kosher all beef dog with slaw, relish and mustard served with fries.



Traditional Surf and Turf    $3200 JMD

The traditional grilled lobster accompanied by a tender filet mignon

cooked to your specifications.

Luna Sea Surf and Turf  $2406 JMD

Our version of the classic but this one has a pasta with coconut creamed tomato sauce and lobster with our beef tips in a merlot reduction. Go for something a bit more fun!

BBQ Pork Ribs     $2100/ 2800 JMD

Delicious ribs, tender and succulent seasoned with our secret rub then grilled with Luna Sea Sauce . Served with your choice of potato and slaw.

Filet Mignon   $1765 JMD

Fresh beef cooked to your choice of perfection rare, medium or well then topped with a merlot reduction. Accompanied by choice of potato and vegetable.

Stir Fried Pineapple Chicken  $1550JMD

Sautéed chicken strips with vegetables and dice pineapple, served with jasmine quinoa rice.

Guava Jerk Chicken Breast  $1300 JMD

A boneless chicken breast slow grilled then kissed with sweet heat topped with fresh vegetables served on a bed of candied plantain.





Luna Sea Chicken Pasta  $1450 JMD

Crumbed and fried chicken breast served with noodles with delicious creamy sauce.


Pasta Your Way

Choose from a rich creamy Alfredo, Spicy, or Butter Garlic Scampi sauces.

Served with garlic cocoa bread   $1100 JMD

(Add Chicken  $800 JMD • Add Shrimp or Lobster  @ Mkt Price)




Lobster Your Way  Mkt Price

Try our fresh Caribbean Lobster grilled whole, simmering in fresh coconut sauce,

curried, or deep fried.


Conch Your Way  $1850 JMD

local fresh conch cooked until tender,  try our Curried coconut, cracked conch or brown stewed.


Catch of the Day $1500 JMD

Pan sautéed filet of fish atop mashed potatoes, served with a delightful beurre sauce and tropical vegetables.

Fish Your Way Mkt Price

Have it steamed, brown stewed, escovitched or grilled

served with rice and peas and tropical vegetables

Crab Cakes  $1200 JMD

Local fresh ocean crab served on a bed of mashed potatoes drizzled with a coconut beurre sauce.

Shrimp Your Way Mkt Price

Try our delicious butterfly shrimp fried, simmered in coconut sauce, curried, or garlic Butter.



5 Stride Curried Bean Stew $1550 JMD

A mixture of Peas and beans simmered in a turmeric Indian curry sauce,

Served with Coconut rice.

Ginger Garlic Vegetable Stir Fry   $1550 JMD

Fresh Broccoli sautéed in a savory ginger garlic sauce, served with jasmine rice


 Steamed Vegetables            $500 JMD

   Rice and Peas                      $350 JMD
Mashed Potatoes                    $400 JMD

Herb Garlic Mashed Potatoes     $350 JMD
Bammy                    $250 JMD

 Onion Rings             $400 JMD

 French Fries             $350 JMD

 Cole Slaw                $300 JMD