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Prawns / Shrimp $13.00usd

Delicate tempura fried shrimp served on a bed of lettuce with your choice of sauce.


Crab Cakes $8.95usd

Twin ocean crab cakes, pan seared, served with remoulade,

and garnished with sweet potatoes string fries.


Roasted yam with salt fish $5.50usd

The Jamaican classic with sweet peppers and onion


Bruschetta $6.95usd

The Italian favorite with a Jamaican romas plummy tomatoes dice with basil and onion,

melted parmesan cheese served on toasted, garlic coco bread.


Callaloo Bundles $5.50usd

Chef Vinton’s creation of perfectly cooked Callaloo wrapped in pastry and fried,

served with fresh marinara sauce


Wings Your Way $7.50usd

Try them Guava Jerked, Buffalo, Honey Garlic or with Champagne Sauce


Conch fritters $6.95usd

Fresh conch in a seasoned batter, fried to a golden brown and

served with European cocktail sauce


Callaloo Sticks $3.95usd

Dr. Linda’s favorite, she thinks it tastes like asparagus!


Callaloo Dip $4.95usd

Creamy hot spinach dip served with fresh potato chips or breadfruit chips




Coconut cream of pumpkin soup $2.50/ 6.50usd

Local coconut, grated and drained like your Jamaican granny did,

then used to enrich the local vegetable stock pumpkin soup.


Seafood Chowder $2.50/ 6.50usd

A traditional chowder made Jamaican with whelks, conch and corn.




Traditional Caesar Salad $6.95/10.50usd

Classic Caesar salad with Romaine, fresh parmesan, anchovy served with garlic coco bread.


Tossed Salad $4.95/8.95usd

A delicious salad of the freshest locally grown lettuce and vegetables including carrots, cucumber, tomato and scallion, served with garlic cocoa bread.


Chicken Salad $9.95usd

Classic fresh range free chicken salad served with fresh fruit and garlic coco bread


Tuna Salad $9.95usd

Local fresh tuna poached and turned into the classic tuna salad






Callaloo $7.95, • Chicken $8.95 • Fish $10.95 usd

Jamaican jerk chicken or fish with pepper jack cheese, sautéed onion and green pepper served with guacamole, salsa and sour cream. Or try a vegetarian option with Callaloo.


Chicken Tenders $9.95usd

Fresh, hand made from scratch and then served with fries and choice of sauce.


Fish and Chips $12.95usd

Classic fish from our local sea, butter fish, lion fish or Mahi Mahi

served with remoulade sauce or malt vinegar and the classic Luna Sea Fries.


Jerk Chicken Caesar spinach wrap $12.95usd

Jerk chicken with a ceasar salad in spinach wrap with avocado cream cheese

served with French fries or cole slaw.


Tuna Melt $11.50

A delicious fresh tuna salad (not canned) on coco bread with melted cheese,

and homemade potato chips or slaw


Club Sandwich Jamaican Style $11.95usd

The classic with bacon, jerk chicken, cheese, tomato and lettuce,

and homemade potato chips or slaw


Grilled Veggie Wrap $13.95usd

Tropical vegetables grilled wrapped with fresh goat cheese, served with homemade potato chips or slaw


Cheeseburger at Luna Sea Inn $10.50usd

Hand ground beef on site, topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickle and onion,

served with French fries. Your choice of cocoa bread or traditional hamburger bun




Classic Surf and Turf  $27.95usd

The classic combination of a filet and lobster tail

accompanied by choice of potato or rice and tropical vegetable


Luna Sea Surf and Turf $22.50usd

Another Chef Vinton original, lobster sautéed in a pink sauce served over linguine,

accompanied by beef tips in a merlot reduction and tropical vegetables




Luna Sea Beef Oscar $25.95usd

Filet medallions cooked to perfection, topped with Chef’s special “Jamaican asparagus” and a béarnaise sauce served with baked potato and tropical vegetable.


Filet 8 oz. $16.95usd

Local black angus steak with red wine mushroom reduction, onion rings, baked or mashed potato, and fresh tropical vegetables


New York Strip 14 oz. $22.00usd

Local black angus steak with red wine mushroom reduction, onion rings, baked or mashed potato, and fresh tropical vegetables


Grilled Pork Chop $13.95usd

10oz pork chops grilled to perfection then served with choice of potato and tropical vegetable


Pork Schnitzel $14.95usd

A German favorite, boneless pork breaded & pan fried topped with citrus and served with fries





Lobster Your Way $21.95usd

Deep fried, coconut sauce, curried, grilled, baked stuffed or picatta with lemon and butter all served with mashed potatoes and tropical vegetables


Shrimp Your way $23.50usd

Deep fried, coconut sauce, curried, pansear, baked stuffed or picatta scampi in a white wine butter garlic sauce,served with mashed potatoes and tropical vegetables.


Crab Cakes $16.95usd

Sea crab seasoned and pan seared and stacked with mashed potatoes with local vegetables


Bridle Snapper 16.95usd

A filet with Puttanesca sauce over linguine, served with tropical vegetables and cocoa bread


Mahi Mahi Filet $14.95usd

A local favorite over mashed potatoes with a coconut beurre sauce served with tropical vegetables.


Conch $14.95 usd

Local conch stewed and curried, seasoned with fresh herbs and spices,

served with garlic bread


Local Whole fish

Have it steamed in a delicate coconut sauce, grilled, brown stewed or escoveitched,

served with mashed potatoes, bammy or rice and peas, fries or grilled vegetables

Catch of the day

12 oz plus $14.50usd

16 oz plus $20.95usd

24 oz plus $31.00usd




Pasta Primavera $11.95usd

fresh vegetables with olive oil and garlic sauce


Pasta Alfredo $9.95usd

sauce with parmesan cheese served with garlic coco bread and fresh cheese


Marinara $9.95usd

Pasta topped with a fresh tomato sauce served with garlic coco bread and fresh cheese


Scampi $9.95usd

A sauce with white wine, garlic and butter served with garlic coco bread and fresh cheese

Add Chicken $4.95usd • Add Lobster $12.00 • Add Shrimp $14.95usd





Guava Jerk Chicken Breast $11.95usd

A free range chicken breast jerked, served over candied plantains & fresh tropical vegetables


Escoveitched Fish $14.50/ $20.95/ $31.50usd

The real deal with fresh fish, fried and served with a vinegar, onion, pepper sauce.

Served with rice and peas, bammy, fries or mashed potatoes and tropical vegetables.


Curried Chicken $ 9.95usd

Traditional curry chicken with local vegetables served with white rice.




Baked Potato stuffed with cheese and bacon topped with scallion $6.00usd

Penny Pasta $6.00usd

Handmade Onion rings served with ketchup $4.00usd

French Fries $3.00usd

Mashed Potatoes $3.50usd

Baked Potato $3.50usd

Bammy steamed or fried $3.00usd

Roasted and fried Bread fruit $2.00usd

Rice and Peas $2.50usd


GCT (16.5%) NOT included. Tips not included but always welcomed.

15% Service charge will be added for party of eight or more.